Sunday, June 14, 2015

Vote Tuesday August 4th Primary

The great speaker of the house Tip O’Neill once said: “All politics are local.” What he meant by that is that your hometown politicians, the members on your boards, commissions and councils and the decisions they render have a far greater effect on your day-to-day life than whatever ends up coming out of Washington. Yet the voter turnout for anything other than Presidential elections is usually very low.

City council members’ responsibilities include oversight of the budget and approval of all expenditures; zoning of all land; the enactment of city ordinances; and the approval of the construction, installation or improvement of all roads, sewers and drains, sidewalks and streetlights in the city. These are decisions that will impact not only the quality of your life but your pocketbook as well. With the recent basement flooding, thousands of residents learned exactly what that means. Today, too often many politicians would rather react than lead, and they would rather criticize the ideas of others than put forward their own ideas.

As a candidate, I have created a blog that allows me to speak to you without a filter and to hear your questions and comments. I will attend every forum and respond to every questionnaire so you will know my vision for keeping Livonia livable.

I learned recently that the average age of a voter in Livonia is 72. That’s right; the folks from the greatest generation that saved the world from tyranny are still stepping up for democracy and voting. If you are not registered to vote, it is time for you to do your duty.

In the upcoming candidate forums you will hear our voices. Soon it will be time for us to hear yours. The primary is very important because it determines who may actually be a candidate. On Tuesday August 4th please vote "King"

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