Saturday, October 15, 2016

Steve King and Education

League of Women Voters asks about Education:  Steve King's thoughtful answers are featured in this blog post.  Laura COX? "Candidate has not yet responded."

Steve KingCharter Schools have not been the panacea the State had envisioned and need to be held accountable moving forward. The Free Press report spells it out very clearly.

I also support the consolidation of districts business operations.We have 552 school districts and that is far too many central office fiefdoms that have little to do with helping teachers teach and students learn. Pushing every kid into college is also a mistake.

Trade and technical education is the smart choice for millions of young people and needs to be supported long before high school. Local control must be returned to local elected officials.

See for an example of progressive and innovative approaches to education and training focused on the needs of local businesses.

This can fuel business growth.

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